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Build with Maven

Tupelo 2 is designed to be built with Maven, although it can also be built in Eclipse.

After checking out Tupelo 2, make sure Maven is installed and configured, change to the top-level directory, and issue the following command:

mvn install

Note that building Tupelo for the first time will require an active internet connection, so Maven can download its plugins, as well as the libraries Tupelo depends on.

If you have any other problems building, email futrelle (at)

Download Tupelo

Tupelo is available as a download, although we recommend checking it out of SVN instead.

You can download Tupelo here.

Tupelo 2.5 release notes

Tupelo 2.5 contains several important new features:

  • Unifier (i.e., SPARQL select) now provides ordering and paging parameters which are implemented for a wide variety of Contexts, including ones that don't natively support SPARQL
  • Java-to-RDF mapping has been enhanced with performance improvements and many convenience methods.
  • Operator dispatch is now entirely dynamic, allowing the Tupelo kernel to apply dispatching policies (such as future security enhancements) globally rather than only for cooperating Context implementations

Tupelo 2.5 release candidates available

Tupelo 2.5 release candidates are being tagged in SVN

The SVN tags are here:

Tags for Tupelo 2.5 release candidates are in the form 2.5-rc{n} where n is the number of the release candidate. For example, 2.5 release candidate 2 is available at:

Tupelo 2.5 brings with it a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

For details on issues, see JIRA.

We hope to reach Tupelo 2.5 final in the next few days.

Contributing to Tupelo

Tupelo is an open-source project, and we accept contributions from users and other developers. If you have identified an issue that you think needs to be fixed or an improvement that you want, please report it as described here so that Tupelo developers and the larger community can assess the nature and importance of the issue.

Once you have reported the issue or desired improvement, follow these steps to contribute code to address it:

Requesting an improvement

Tupelo is under active development and we welcome feature requests and requests for improvement. If you have such a request, you can submit it to JIRA or contact us at futrelle (at)

Tupelo 2.4.3 release notes

* Fixed TUP-314 "RdfXmlWriter incorrectly uses platform default encoding for unicode RDF/XML data" which causes RDF/XML serialization to fail in some cases on some platforms
* Fixed TUP-310 "RdfXmlWriter cannot handle case where rdf:type cannot be represented as a QName" which could cause RDF/XML serialization to fail for certain RDF types
* Fixed TUP-309 "ListTable 1-arg constructor fails to copy column names" which could cause Unifier/SPARQL result sets to be malformed in some implementations

Tupelo 2.4.2 release notes


Tupelo 2.4.2 is a minor release to address issues with stability, performance, and badly-needed additions to the Tupelo 2.4 API's. Major improvements are summarized and detailed below.

- improved control flow for Context facades including FilterContext
- lifecycle improvements for aggregate contexts
- minor improvements to Provenance API's
- some kernel metrics available now
- bug fixes in dump/load
- PeerFacade improvements

- Major performance improvements from caching mappings
- Full support for multiple RDF mappings
- More convenience methods for dealing with list- and set-valued properties
- Support for automapping beans with boolean getters whose names are of form isX and hasX
- Nonexistent collections are returned now as being empty rather than null.
- Fetching beans by RDF type supported
- General per subject RDF type management
- Calls added for registerAndSave as well as per object save.
- Numerous fixes and exhaustive testing

SQL contexts:
- query performance improvements
- MySQL concurrency failures addressed
- MySQL support for SSH and MyISAM tables

- Fix to thread safety bug in the ISO8601 date utility

Tupelo 2.4.2 release candidate 1 tagged

The Tupelo team is delighted to announce the availability of Tupelo 2.4.2 release candidate 1.

You can get it from our SVN repository. Use this URL with your SVN client:

For more information see the release notes.

We welcome feedback on the release candidate. Please contact Joe Futrelle at with any comments, suggestions, reports, etc.

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